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Sloths and Slugs

Click paintings for individual views

Bee and Giant Salamander
Monkey and Bee w/ Cracked World
Monkey and Bee 2
Twisted Pet
Sad Elephant and Sick Turkey
The Magic Slug Tries to Invent
Untitled Blug
A Nice Yellow and Green Thing
A Far Away Place Seemed Closer
Grasshopper Art
Kicking Bee and Lazy Dinosaur
Untitled Things
Bad Bee and Drunken Reindeer
Sloths and Slugs
Room For Discussion
Loafing Chess Pieces Who Forgot How
Self Deprecation w Mask of Nonsense
Pasha and the Multi-Headed Duck
Life After 50
Bishop and the Ugly Poets
Metamorphosis 1
Metamorphosis 2
The Puzzling Story of the Stupid Caterpillar who turned into a stupider flying giraffe who didn't go
Resurrection of the Lazy Artist Who Pretended to Be Asleep When Inspiration Kicked Him Up and Over R
Hannibal with Ill-fitting Boot
I had a bad cough a week ago, but now it's better, but that's not what this painting is about, but I
Somebody lost the headless angel in the thick clouds but the duck's magic socks found her without mu
Eyes Plucked Out and Stumbling to Safety
Faraway Flute and Hungry Cello
Inquisitive Creatures
Evolution of Time 1
Evolution of Time 2
Duckheads with Pink Checkered Planet
The Oracle Welcomes the Bird Monkey Bird
Ghost Ship
Pages 123 and 124

Sloths and Slugs Paintings.  Acrylic, tile adhesive, colored tissue paper, and graphite on canvas with fake fur edges .  © 2020 by Greg Brown

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