Sloths and Slugs

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Pet Angels
Leda and the Swan
Strolling Over Big Bee Back
Puppeteer Frolicking on the Belly of the Silent Poet
Displacement Behavior No. 9
Big Wockys
Twas Brilling and the Slithy Toves
Bee and Giant Salamander
Eyes Plucked Out and Stumbling to Safety
Inquisitive Creatures 1
Inquisitive Creatures 2
Oboe and Flutey 1
Sad Elephant and Sick Turkey
Bad Bee and Drunken Reindeer
Sloths and Slugs
Room For Discussion
Oracle of Forgotten Mistakes
Untitled Things
Bishop and the Ugly Poets
Life After 50

Sloths and Slugs Paintings.  Acrylic, tile adhesive, colored tissue paper, and graphite on canvas with fake fur edges .  © 2020 by Greg Brown